Transcription Services are nowadays required for various needs like conferences, talks, working groups, lectures, speeches, television programs, interviews, telephone conversations, and dictations. The document transcribed loyally reproduces what exactly the speaker has said and transmitted literally to the audience or the same discussion between two parties.

Methods of Transcribing the Documents

There are generally these methods of transcribing documents – Literal transcription, Natural transcription, and Phonetic transcription. 
Literal Transcription: In this process, all the sounds that are heard are entirely written in the document including errors of pronunciation, repeated or unfinished words, and everything said in the audio.
Natural Transcription: The transcriber tries to erase unrelated information resulting in a more natural and clearer text comes while reading the document. However, the words or meaning of the phrases are not usually changed. 
Phonetic Transcription: This is not used practically everywhere or every time, as the sounds are transcribed into symbols according to international phonetic standards, thus it is kept reserved.
We provide professional french transcription services in Delhi, covering a huge variety of sectors including medical transcription, legal, financial transcription, and more. Our transcription services come in different formats like intelligent verbatim, verbatim, time-coded, and discourse analysis.

At VoiceMonk Studio, we operate through a secure file transfer protocol, using our own dedicated DropBox account, which means our clients can upload files from the office or even on the go from their smartphones or iPhones. Alternatively, we can download your files from your preferred FTP site (e.g. YouSendIt or WeTransfer). We can support all kinds of transcription
files including :
MacCaption (.mcc)
Scenarist (.scc)
Timed Text (.ttml)
SubRip (.srt), 
WebVTT (.vtt)
DFXP (.dfxp)
Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt)
Cheetah.CAP (.cap)
Transcript (.txt)
Spruce Subtitle File (.stl)
Facebook ready SubRip (.srt)
Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt)
We can also work from URLs to web pages or social media sharing sites. We’re also happy to accept files directly including Blu-Ray discs, CDs, USB drives, documents, cassette tapes, and virtually any other format.

Our French Transcription services include typing services for letters, reports, surveys, contracts, databases, presentations, and more. 
Reputed agencies like ours give customers French transcription services rates that are highly affordable. Selecting the right service provider will get you quality French transcripts at the perfect cost and time.  
We are continually pushing the limits of communication barriers whenever we are to approach solutions. Our team brings wide-ranging perspectives and experiences to offering support for clients seeking reliable hands-on French audio video transcription services. We are in the middle of a sweeping cultural revolution, determined to redefine how French transcription service should be carried out-effortlessly and flawlessly.
Our French transcription services are tailored for meeting each client’s demand and not put a general solution. We work with our clients to provide an amazing customer experience in French transcription services whether it may be academic, legal, medical, immigration, or government documents.
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