Want to record a professional French Voice Over? Looking for experienced native French Voice Over artists? Then don’t worry, you are at the right place. We are the magical fountain of native French voiceover artists, to make your job easier is our only goal. We at VoiceMonk offer you a wide variety of services, From warm commercial reads to colorful characters that will meet your creative needs and exceed your expectations.

French Voiceover services we provide

For different sectors different kinds of voiceover services we provide. 

French Advertising Voice-Over 

French Educational Voice Over 

French Commercial Voice Over 

French Character Voice-Over 

French Audiobook Voice Over 

French Phone systems Voice Over 

French Presentation Voice Over 

French Movie Trailer Voice-Over 

French Product Video Voice Over  

French Elearning Voice Over, etc. 

Gender and Age

we can provide you exactly the type of voice you want. We have a pool of voiceover artists to choose from. 

Female Old Age Voice Over 

Female Middle Age Voice Over 

Female Young and Adult Voice Over 

Female Teenage Voice Over 

Female Child Voice Over 

Female Robotic Voice Over 

Female Cartoon/animation Voice Over 

Female Warm Voice Over 

Female Aggressive Voice Over 

Female Funny Voice Over 

Female Tragic Voice Over 

Male Old age Voice Over 

Male Middle Age Voice Over 

Male Young and Adult Voice Over 

Male Teenage Voice Over 

Male Child Voice Over 

Male Robotic Voice Over 

Male Cartoon/animation Voice Over 

Male Warm Voice Over 

Male Aggressive Voice Over 

Male Funny Voice Over 

Male Tragic Voice Over 

Language and Accents

English to French

Chinese to French 

Hindi to French 

Japanese to French 

Italian to French 

Korean to French 

Russian to French 

Spanish to French 

Turkish to French 

And many other international languages to French according to your preferences. 

About VoiceMonk Studio

For French Voice Over VoiceMonk studio is a preferred studio in the voiceover market. In Delhi, having 16 years of experience, intend to cultivate on-demand inventive projects without compromising the quality, according to your budget before the deadline. From anywhere to everywhere in the world VoiceMonk studio provides French voiceover services. Without compromising quality, without going through several digital hoops or processes you can pick and choose the parts for your creative projects whether it’s your script, online voiceover, blog, animation, video, or motion graphics we can translate and dub in any dialect. You’ll get exactly what you asked, we’re very transparent. We use the best audio recording equipment and post-production resources. To help you achieve your commercial and marketing goals at every phase our native French voiceover artists gave life to your script. 

Why us

Thousands of passionate and proficient voice-over artists are always ready to work with you. Our casting team provides you the perfect voice for your project, no matter what type of voice you want. Efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy are our key values. We have experienced and professional native French voiceover artists to choose from, they are specialized in any of your required fields. Charge no hidden cost, and comply with your budget. We create French voiceovers from a major brand to small businesses, corporates, ad agencies, with crystal clear sound quality that generates revenue for our clients.

The level of excellence and productive direction always come from in-house and never outsourced, VoiceMonk studio assures you that. To effectively tell the best story to the targeted audience we use credible, passionate, and understandable communication. Our talented and experienced team focused on crafts stories to share your message with the world. With unique operating capacities for businesses of all sizes we successfully deliver challenging projects in different genres. To see that our customers are fully gratified and come to us again and again with their projects is our top priority. Before the deadline, our proficient team delivers the project at a reliable price. To know more about us contact us at sachin@voicemonk.in

Our price

package completely depends on your project. For a detailed inquiry Feel free to contact us at sachin@voicemonk.in